You’re welcome to upgrade to first-class… with Officehours Pro

First-class members

We’re weirdos. Seriously. If Shelkie and I were like any other sane people, we’d pursue venture capital funding. Or we’d at least run some ads on Officehours. We think those options stink, though. “Easy” cash is seductive, but we know taking it comes with concessions. Eventually, those trade-offs can compromise the product. So, we’re avoiding such options outright.

Part of this has to do with our principles. We don’t like how most online communities work. There’s more to it than that, though: We are committed to building something that creates a net positive impact, for you and the others in this community. That’s all we want to think about—not CPM rates, not inflated metrics, and certainly not an IPO.

Let’s make something good

For the most part, we’re able to do this simply by working hard. We still do a small amount of work through our design studio, smashLAB, and use that money to pay for Officehours. This works, but isn’t a perfect scenario. We have technology costs, in addition to our living expenses, which must be paid. Additionally, the time we spend on services work is time we can’t invest into improving Officehours.

Officehours is a big, audacious, long-term project. Shelkie and I intend to work on it for the rest of our lives. From your feedback, we know this service is useful. At its best it leads to insights and connections that might not have happened without it. Maybe you’re starting out and unsure of what to do; Perhaps you’re mid-career, and feel stuck; Or, you might be jammed up with a technical question, and need a helping hand. In each of these situations, Officehours can represent a path forward.

This opportunity to connect with new people, learn from their experiences, and contribute to one anothers’ journeys? We think it’s a huge opportunity that will benefit many. And we want you to be a part of it.

Care to participate?

So, here’s the deal: We just opened up Pro accounts. (Make no mistake, they’re still rudimentary.) That said, if you believe in Officehours, we ask you to subscribe. In doing so, you help us build a community that can benefit many. In a way, you’ll be a sponsor of this project. Officehours is something built for you, for your peers, and the community at large. Officehours is a mission first, and a business second.

But, we’re not just asking for your goodwill. When you upgrade, you get:

  • A Pro badge on your Officehours profile that highlights your support for the project.
  • The ability to hold Workshops. These are like sessions, but can run longer and accommodate multiple participants.
  • The option to extend sessions if you want a few more minutes. (The advisor controls this option.)
  • Our undying love and gratitude.
  • …and there’s more to come.


If you want to be a part of our little quest, please consider upgrading to a Pro account. For now, these are priced at $6/month, or $60/year. When you do so, you help build a community we can all benefit from—and you get to enjoy the perks I mentioned above.

Our commitment? We’ll work our asses off, to keep improving Officehours and build something worthwhile. Truth be told, we’d do that without your support—but it sure is nice to travel this path with friends. :-)