Who’s the next great advisor?

There are so many inspiring people in the world. Let’s invite them to hold office hours.

Officehours is growing. Today, we have 3,238 members—543 of whom volunteer their time as advisors. So, although we’re clearly not Facebook, but we’re off to a fine start.

That said, there are times when I find myself wishing someone specific was on Officehours—just so I could ask them questions. My bet is that you feel the same way. This led @shelkie and me to ask: “How can we enable our members to invite new advisors?”

You’ll find our answer to this question at the bottom of the Advisors Index, right before the More button. See that silhouette with the text “The next great advisor”? Click on that to invite someone you want to talk to. All you need is his/her Twitter handle.

This and other changes are documented in the Officehours Changelog. We post them as they happen. Want to see things happen faster? Sponsor ongoing Officehours development by upgrading to Pro.