The first office hours email for your faculty members

Some UMN faculty are integrating Officehours in their classrooms

You might have heard about Officehours Teams. These make it easy for organizations to use Officehours as a group. Getting a group of people onboard takes some time, though. One big part of getting your team on Officehours is in explaining how the system works.

Barrett Colombo at The University of Minnesota experienced just that. In a recent call, he mentioned an introductory email he created to help with with onboarding. I asked if he was willing to share this message with others, so he sent it to me. Here’s his email. Feel free to augment it to suit your needs. Once you have, you can use it to onboard members to your Officehours Team:

From: Barrett Colombo
Subject: Please sign up: online studio
To: Faculty members

Dear instructors,

We’re using something called Officehours as an online complement to our program. It allows for easy scheduling of online meetings between coaches and student teams.

To expand students’ access to your advising, we ask everyone to offer a few regular weekly time slots. Students can then sign up for these and meet with you each week.

I’ll send you an Officehours invite shortly. Please accept that to get started.

A few notes:

  • The homepage for the GCC Impact Studio is
  • Start by creating a profile and adding a picture.
  • Go to your Calendar, then click “Offer Workshop.” We recommend that you set the meeting time for 20 or 30 minutes. Workshops are open for 1 – 40 students to join.
  • Alternately, you can click “Offer Sessions” to add brief, one-on-one meetings.
  • Automatically sync with your Google Calendar: follow instructions here.

For more info, here’s how Officehours works.


Barrett Colombo
Education and Policy Initiatives | Institute on the Environment (IonE)
University of Minnesota | | 612-626-2167

If you think Barrett’s message above is missing something, please let me know. I welcome your input, and I’m sure Barrett does too. :-)