Reserve your university/college’s Officehours team name

Example of a team page This is an example of how we’re approaching team pages.

A handful of people want to use Officehours in groups—and we’ve been exploring how to do this best. Our current thinking is to offer team pages, which group together connected people. We’re offering these first to universities and colleges.

Why would your school get a team page on Officehours? First, it’s a means of liberating your faculty members. With Officehours they can make themselves available to students while off-site (instead of being stuck in their offices). It also helps you open your doors to prospective students. This allows them to can ask questions online (which reduces outreach costs).

Team pages allow for custom branding (your colors, logo, school description). Additionally, they offer admin tools allowing you to moderate team members. Pricing is still undetermined, but we expect to have this sorted out within the week.

Team pages are a few months from launching. In the interim, you can request a team name/url for your organization (e.g. or department (e.g. We’ve launched Teams, and you can register your team now.

Please note that requesting a name on Officehours doesn’t ensure that you’ll get it. That said, we intend to serve names up on a first come, first served basis. So, it’s worth getting on the list early—even if you later change your mind.