Now you can extend your Officehours sessions!

Hit the button to add 4 minutes to your session

The feature most requested by members is the ability to extend sessions. We understand why: It’s discombobulating to have a session cut short, mid-thought.

So, as of today, all Pro advisors (you’ve upgraded to Pro, haven’t you?) can extend sessions. Just keep an eye on the countdown timer in the session interface. As you reach the last minute, an Extend Session button will appear beneath the timer. Click it to add 4 minutes to your session—just a little more time to wrap-up.

Extend Session control lies in the advisor’s hands, not the learners. (We figure this is appropriate given that the advisor is volunteering his/her time.)

Check it out during your next session, and let us know if you run into any problems. Curious about other changes and improvements? We document them in our Changelog.