No more excuses… Learn to podcast this week—with one-on-one help!

Microphone and signal

I recently started working on a podcast (you can hear the first episodes at The Kerfuffle.) As I’d never done such a thing before, I had a lot to learn. So, I found some podcasting advisors on Officehours, started asking questions, and received some great advice!

Along the way, it struck me that the questions I had likely weren’t uncommon. I also realized that others would likely benefit from some of the same types of feedback. So, I put out a call to some podcasters on Officehours, and asked if they’d lend a hand. I’m pretty stoked about all those who offered to take part!

Over the week ahead, I’ll post an article every day, introducing one of our podcast pros. As I do, you’ll get some insight into their podcast stories. They’ll also tell you which podcast-related questions they can help you with, during their office hours.

In the meanwhile, here’s a quick summary of who’s currently signed on for this feature: