Learn to podcast with Naked & Inside Out’s Janine Toro

Learn to podcast with Janine Toro

We’re excited to have Janine Toro of Naked & Inside Out, here on Officehours, taking part in our Learn to Podcast series. Here’s a little about her, and how she can help you, during her office hours.

Janine’s podcasting story:

Naked & Inside Out began aiming to create an a platform to inspire LGBQT+ individuals through other LGBTQ+ people’s stories. Listeners learn about personal journeys, risks, careers paths and coming out experiences. We empower listeners, specifically for the LGBTQ+ community and allies as a form of mentorship.

Janine can help with:

  • How do I get started podcasting?
  • How to create podcast art and a cohesive experience across channels?
  • What kind of setup/workflow can get me started?

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