Learn to podcast with Getting Work to Work’s Chris Martin

Learn to podcast with Chris Martin

We’re excited to have Chris Martin of Getting Work to Work, here on Officehours, taking part in our Learn to Podcast series. Here’s a little about him, and how he can help you, during his office hours.

Chris’ podcasting story:

I have setup podcasting plugins for clients in WordPress in the past, but never had I done one on my own until recently. I have been working on a weekly podcast for two months now. I got the idea from a student in a class I was teaching on professional practices. She mentioned that she loved what I was sharing in the class and wished there was a way for more people to experience what I was teaching.

From there, I asked to borrow a friend’s microphone (he had a professional microphone and mic preamp from his podcasting days). I fired up Adobe Audition (since I have Creative Cloud) and started doing some tests of the microphone and the settings I would use.

I purposely didn’t want to overthink my plan of action. I came up with the bare essentials, such as the name of the podcast, the audience, the duration, what WordPress plugin I was going to use, and where I was going to store the mp3 files. A friend helped me fine-tune the name, I designed a logo, setup all of the technology, signed up for iTunes, and went for it.

All in all, I think I spent about 2 weeks of planning. I dove in quickly. I try not to overthink each episode of Getting Work to Work I try to have fun.

Chris can help you with questions like:

  • How do I know if my idea is good enough?
  • How do I edit my podcast?
  • How do I setup WordPress for my podcast?
  • Aren’t there a million podcasts out there? Why should I podcast?
  • How do I maintain momentum and motivation to keep going?

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