Learn to podcast with Ditching Suburbia’s Michael Boyink

Learn to podcast with Michael Boyink

We’re excited to have Michael Boyink of Ditching Suburbia, here on Officehours, taking part in our Learn to Podcast series. Here’s a little about him, and how he can help you, during his office hours.

Michael’s podcasting story:

We run Ditching Suburbia: a resource for families looking to find non-suburban ways to live as family. We record a podcast as we travel full-time in our RV. Our setup and process is very minimalistic to suit our travels and desire to keep costs down. So far we’ve mostly recorded audio versions of our popular blog posts, but have also done a few conversational type sessions.

Michael can help with:

  • Recording in a mobile environment
  • Getting started cheaply
  • Re-using existing content

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