Introducing calendar events and recurring sessions


Those on Officehours already know how focused we are on improving this service. In fact, I’ve spoken with dozens of advisors who’ve told us what they want us to improve. Although we can’t address every point at the same time, we have a couple of nice updates to announce, today.

Calendar events

Missed sessions are the biggest drag on Officehours. And, Eric and I are to blame for them. Sure, some users just miss sessions, but we suspect that few actually intend to. Instead, it’s a design flaw.

We’ve learned that of all the reasons for missed sessions, the most common is in not being adequately reminded. You get caught up in a project, and time goes by faster than you expect. Suddenly, you look up, and you’ve missed your window.

Although we already send emails about upcoming sessions, we clearly need more/better notifications. We have a plan for how to fix this. The first part: adding events to your computer/smartphone calendar—and you can do it now. :-)

To download a calendar of your upcoming Officehours, go to your Calendar and click the Add to Outlook/Google Calendar link. From here, you can download a static ICS file, or, subscribe to a feed (that automatically syncs your Officehours calendar to your local calendar).

Recurring sessions

Many have mentioned that they don’t want to set office hours manually, every week. Instead, they’d like to set aside one time every week/month, for sessions (e.g. Every Thursday at 2:00 PM), and be done with it. Well, now you can!

Once again, head over to your Calendar and click the Offer Sessions button. Select your day, time, and open spaces. After that, you can set a recurrence (options are daily, weekly, and monthly).

And if you ever need to delete a session, or a recurrence, doing so is easy. Go to your calendar, click through to the space, and hit Delete Space. You’ll then have the option of deleting a single occurrence, or an entire series.

Now, these are brand new features, and although we’ve tested them, we might have made mistakes. So, let us know if they don’t work as you’d like, and we’ll fix the issues, lickety-split!

Hopefully these will make Officehours a little nicer for you. Thanks again for being a part of it!