How to get yourself featured in Officehours Faculty

Some of our featured advisors

Each week†, I prepare an email that features 3 new/notable advisors. (Here’s an example and you can subscribe to Faculty here). We do this to introduce members to interesting advisors, who might be able to assist in some way. Think you should be featured? Here are some tips if you’d like to be considered for inclusion:

Cover all of the details

Transparency is important on Officehours. That’s why we don’t allow members to use pseudonyms, and why we remove dubious accounts quickly. A big part of maintaining this depends on members like you. Please share your full name, a current photo, and link to your website. Doing so allows members to get a real sense for who you are, and learn about you in advance of requesting a session.

The edit screen for your profile details. The edit screen for your profile details.

Write a good bio

I urge you to take a little extra time to craft a good bio. The best ones are clear and succinct. In them, advisors often note their work purpose, and reference relevant experience, employers, and projects. This is the single most important part of your Officehours profile. Done well, it helps members understand who you are, and what you’ve done. (It also makes it easier for me to write a brief summary about you, for the newsletter.)

The edit screen for your bio. The edit screen for your bio.

Provide example questions

Members are often intimidated by advisors. Part of this relates to not knowing what they can, or should, ask. You can ease this process by identifying up to 5 example questions you’re willing to answer. (You can do this by editing your profile, in the “Questions I can help with” section.) I recommend adding ones that are relatively specific to your area of expertise. Doing so will help differentiate you from other advisors.

The edit area for your example questions. The edit area for your example questions.

Make note of your expertise

In your Edit Profile section, you’ll find a spot to make note of your expertise. This is an important part of your summary—as it helps others get a better sense for where your knowledge lies. Add up to 10 areas of expertise you’re strongest in. Doing so will also allow your profile to be listed in each associated category index (e.g. Data Analysis, Marketing, UX).

The edit screen for your expertise. The edit screen for your expertise.

Offer recurring sessions

It’s difficult for us to feature advisors who aren’t currently offering sessions. As such, I recommend that you offer some recurring ones (even one or two a month). Doing so means that I’ll be able to feature you, when the time is right. Want to do it? Just follow this link to add some sessions.

Keep one or two sessions on offer. Doing so helps us promote you. Keep one or two sessions on offer. Doing so helps us promote you.

Diversity matters

The more diverse our newsletters are, the more likely our members are to find people they can learn something new from. As such, I put a lot of effort into highlighting those with unique skills and experiences. I also work to feature those of varying backgrounds, ethnicities, ages, genders, et cetera. (This isn’t always easy, as many folks here share similar backgrounds.) So, if you’re a member of a visible minority, please consider holding office hours and reaching out to me. We need you!

Let me know

Got a great profile, and think you’re the sort of advisor Officehours members should know about? Send me a quick note, so I know you’d like to be featured.

† When I say “each week”, I mean most weeks. Or, more specifically: every week during which I’m working on Officehours (as I should be), instead of skiing/biking in the mountains.