How to become an Officehours Advisor

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Have you worked hard to learn your craft? Are you an expert in your field? Do you possess knowledge that could be helpful to another? Perfect! You ought to be an advisor on Officehours.

First, add a profile photo, website URL, and bio to complete your profile. Please be descriptive, and accurate, so others get a clear sense for who you are—and how you can help. You should also select a few categories that best represent your expertise. (Please note that profiles are for individuals only—not companies/groups.)

Next, load your Calendar and click the Offer Session(s) button. Then, you can select a day, time (localized to your time zone), and number of sessions to offer. Be sure to tweet your sessions, so fans know that you’re available.

We’ll notify you, as folks apply for your sessions. You can then review applicants and select/reject as you’d like. Once you have, the successful applicant will be notified.

On the day of the session, sign in to Officehours 10–15 minutes early. Then, plug in your headphones and microphone (Apple EarPod headphones are perfect), and click/tap Enter Session. Once both parties are online, you’ll have 10 minutes to talk. A stopwatch automatically terminates sessions once they’ve hit 10 minutes—which means conversations don’t drag on forever. You then rate/review the person who requested the session—which helps them build their karma on Officehours.

Truth is, you probably have a lot of insights that could help others. Just sharing 10 minutes of your time might make a world of difference for someone!

Quick tip: Add a link to your Officehours profile from your email signature. It’s a great way to invite others to ask for a chat. :-)

Got questions? I, too, hold Officehours: