Get the whole gang together for an Officehours Workshop

The whole gang

Barrett at UMN was one of the first to request a Team on Officehours. He wasn’t just interested—he was committed. (So much so that he contacted us every week or two to check on progress.) A week after launch, though, he wasn’t as sure. He wanted longer sessions, which accommodated a number of participants. So, we got back to work.

A couple of weeks later, we introduced Officehours Workshops—and, they’re pretty much what Barrett wanted. Workshops are like Officehours sessions; however, they allow for varying workshop durations (up to an hour), and have room for up to 40 participants. You can also name your workshop and specify an audience. Here’s what the workflow looks like:

Workshops are logistically different from sessions. You (as the workshop lead) don’t need to approve every participant. Instead, everyone who reserves a spot is granted access (you can revoke access if they don’t belong there). Additionally, the chat thread amalgamates all participants’ notes in a group archive for later viewing.

This required us to make a handful of additional updates, including Mute functionality, new profile pages, and a bunch of other stuff. (Details in the Changelog.) You can even click on each participant’s card, in the workshop screen, to get more info on the participant—or remove him/her.

The Workshops session interfaceThe Workshops session interface

Workshops are currently available to Team members. That said, we plan to open these up to Pro members shortly.