“Cut half your content…”—A Q&A with Mightybytes’ Amber Vasquez

Amber Vasquez

For the past 8 days, I’ve spoken with one UX pro a day, who’s taking part in our 10 minute speed sessions to fix your website UX. This is an amazing opportunity for you to get 10 minutes of free, one-on-one feedback on your website UX!

Today’s Q&A is with Amber Vasquez, CDO of Mightybytes. Request a session with Amber.

Tell me a little about your UX knowledge/practice:

At Mightybytes UX is holistic to our entire process. We always put the user first. It’s my job to be thinking about the user’s experience on a particular journey through a website (or product, web app, etc.): why are they here, are they getting what they came for and are they getting it in an efficient manner?

Who have you worked with/for?

I am proud to say I get to work with mission-aligned clients (Mightybytes is B Corp)! Some of my most recent work includes Bike and Build, NACSA, On The Table and Dharma Merchant Services.

Which project are you most proud of?

I am really proud of Bike and Build—an organization that takes groups of youth on cross-country service-oriented cycling trips. They had quite a clunky front-end and reworking that entire side of the site was really rewarding. We started with a full-day discovery session with the client that included a customer mapping journey, content modeling and proto-wireframing to really understand their use cases in-depth. We are starting phase 2 now, which includes their entire back-end registration piece. It’s really exciting!

What do you consider the biggest problem with websites today?

Too much content! How users consume copy on the web has dramatically changed in the past few years—especially with more people reading on mobile and tablets.

What quick fix could any website owner make to immediately improve his/her website?

You don’t need a web developer to take a close look at your site content. Is it meeting your website goals? Does each page have a clear call to action? If not, start thinking about what you can hack off—I bet it’s at least half your content!

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