10 minute speed sessions to fix your website UX

Laptop showing UX advisors offering speed sessions

Let me guess: your website has problems, and you don’t know where to start. Well, Officehours can help! We scanned our UX advisors list and selected a handful of pros with diverse UX expertise. 8 of these folks agreed to help you with your website’s UX.

This is a remarkable opportunity to get help from some notable UX professionals. As with any Officehours session, this is a free offering, with no commitment or obligation—whatsoever—on your behalf. Nope—these are just good people, who’d like to lend you a hand.

The advisors include:

Danielle Cooley

Independent User Experience Consultant
Request a session with Danielle or read A Q&A with Danielle Cooley—who says you should 80/20 your website.

Ricardo Vazquez

UI/UX Designer at Mozilla
Request a session with Ricardo or read Mozilla’s Ricardo Vazquez wants your website to be more legible (a Q&A).

Lynne Polischuik

User Researcher, Product and Design Strategist at First Chair Partners
Request a session with Lynne or read A Q&A with FirstChair Partners’ Lynne Polischuik—who dislikes the idea of being “creative”.

Bermon Painter

Practice Manager, Experience Design at Cardinal Solutions
Request a session with Bermon or read Cardinal Solutions’ Bermon Painter wants you to ask why—and answers our questions.

Aga Szóstek

CEO at UXPlus
Request a session with Aga or read UXPlus’ Aga Szóstek answers a few questions, and shares her paper cutting UX trick.

Jamie McCue

UX Designer, Product Manager
Request a session with Jamie or read Jamie McCue answers five UX questions, and asks you to stop burying the important stuff

Jeff Parks

Co-Owner at Kina’ole Inc.
Request a session with Jeff or read Your organization’s structure might be a problem—and 5 other answers from Kina’ole’s Jeff Parks

Amber Vasquez

CDO of Mightybytes
Request a session with Amber or read “Cut half your content…”—A Q&A with Mightybytes’ Amber Vasquez.

Take a look at each advisor’s page, to get a better sense for who’s best suited to help with your site. Then pick the one who’s right for you, and request a session. (Remember to note the URL of the website you want to discuss, and any key questions you have, in your initial message to her/him.)

If your request is approved, we’ll let you know. Then, you can prepare for your session. During these sessions they’ll talk to you one-on-one, and help identify problems. They’ll also suggest changes that might help improve your website. 10 minutes isn’t a lot of time, but it’s a good first step.

Want to know a little more about these advisors? I get that. I’ve asked each of them 5 questions about their UX experience, practice, and beliefs. We’ll post one of these mini-interviews every day, for the 8 days ahead. Check the index for the links, or follow Officehours on Twitter and we’ll keep you posted.